Friday, May 27, 2011

Waterfed Class on WCR - Episode 2 - Commercial windows

The windows that most people seem to have troubles with is commercial windows. This week's episode teaches the basic technique to clean commercial windows. With the knowledge you gain from the video and a little practice, you can get spot free results on commercial windows.
If you do much commercial work, such as office buildings, you'll need plenty of hose. All weekend long, until Monday 5/30/11, we're giving you $10 off of 50 feet of DI supply hose. This is the hose that runs from your pure water system to your waterfed pole connection. Simply click on the "Waterfed Poles and Pure Water Systems" picture above. Then do a search for "hose" in the store. On the top left of the search result will be the 50 feet of hose. Click on "Add to cart" to purchase. At checkout, enter the code 50hose to receive your discount.

In the video you can see the snowcapped Rocky Mountains of Colorado reflected in the window.


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