Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How would you do these windows?

Check out the obstruction 3 stories up.

I'm going to be doing this building....all 3 stories of it...with my feet firmly on the ground. How? With a waterfed pole of course. But what about those obstructions? A 24 inch deep reach gooseneck won't even reach over those, as they're about 30 inches deep and 3 stories up.

I'll be using Unger's revolutionary Multilink gooseneck system. The locking collars in the Multilink system allow the user to connect several components, and align them all to usable angles.

I'll be doing a Waterfed Class on WCR (season 2) episode about this very job and the Unger Multilink system. For now, you'll have to imagine how it's done. Check out Unger's full Multilink gooseneck system now by clicking the waterfed store links above. Once there, look for the gooseneck section and the Unger multilink system.

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