Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New product coming soon from Unger

Unger will be launching in May the HiFlo™ nLite – a brand new water-fed pole system that is set to transform the market. This latest innovation from Unger, the company that provides smart cleaning solutions to more than 80 countries worldwide, will change the way that windows and façades are cleaned forever. Thanks to its innovative design the HiFlo™ nLite is simple to use, intuitive and responsive in any situation.

The HiFlo™ nLite marks the start of a new era in the water-fed pole sector, being more ergonomic and versatile than anything else currently on the market. It also delivers savings to cleaning professionals, due to the high return on investment and low cost of use.


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  2. That is cool, I think that it would be kind of fun to clean windows here in Toronto on the higher buildings. I love heights, so it would be pretty epic.

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